Alex Jones: Profiteering Prophet of Doom

It is becoming increasingly apparent that when someone believes in one conspiracy theory, they tend to fall for others. That’s good to know when you’re the owner of one of the foremost conspiracy theory peddling websites in the entire world.

Fear sells, and when that fear is mixed with pseudoscience and globe-spanning conspiracies, it can be used to sell just about anything.

Exhibit A? Alex Jones’s “Infowars Life” (“Because there is a  war on for your life,” apparently), which in reality, just redirects to the alternative medicine section of his long established Infowars Store.

A few years ago, when you tuned in to Alex Jones on the radio, you would always hear him hawking his usual New World Order nonsense, talking about his newsletter or his latest video, but these days, as likely as not, you’ll hear him promoting whatever latest quack alternative remedy his guest (and business partner) has to sell, typically by putting the fear of God into the listeners with claims of how the government is trying to poison you with all that fluoride, vaccine, and GMO foods they’re supposedly force down our throats.

For months, the headline health product was something called “Tangy Tangerine” — the miraculous cure for all that ails you — but that now seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the store. There’s no mention of it anywhere. I guess it wasn’t that miraculous after all.

[Update: Thanks to John in the comments, I now know that he is still selling the “Tangy Tangerine” products — just not on the same website. I made the mistake of assuming he would be selling all of his “health products” through the Infowars Life website (he should be, if he has any sense), but I was wrong. However, I haven’t heard him hawking that line of products on his radio show for ages. Keep reading to see what he’s selling now.]

But now,  his infomercials feature a line of products from the impressively credentialed “Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM” (the DC is Doctor of Chiropracty, the rest are just a bunch of certifications from alternative medicine organizations) called Fluoride Shield ($40/bottle), Survival Shield ($30/bottle), and the Super Male Vitality ($70/bottle!) to which Jones modestly attests that he’s already too virile to take because it too easily gets him, er, overstimulated.

Protecting your health from the evils of the New World Order doesn’t come cheap, apparently.

As for the veracity of the creator of these miraculous compounds, well, not only did he claim on Jones’s show that fluoride is so dangerous that you are warned to call your local poison control center if you swallow more than a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste (not true, manufacturers and the CDC merely recommend that young children use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. They would have to swallow a lot more than that to be at any risk of an overdose — as much as two entire tubes to be in serious danger), he also says that fluoridation is being used to make Americans infertile, bizarrely claiming that twice as many girls as boys are now being born today. The truth is, of course, there were still more boys than girls born in America in 2012 (1.05 boys to every 1 girl), and it’s been that way for decades.

“Unbelieveable” retorts Alex Jones to Group’s claim. Probably the only true statement Jones made in the entire broadcast.


101 thoughts on “Alex Jones: Profiteering Prophet of Doom

  1. Now let me start off by saying I’m not a big fan of Jones myself, Yet you fail to back up anything in your Article. A simple click to his website and you can still find the ads for Tangy Tangerine. A simple 10 minutes of browsing on Google you can find multiple studies, political groups, and governments that have spoken out about the dangers of fluoride for daily consumption and the possible risks that GMO posses. Fear mongering or maybe just over hyping the dangers that surround us daily on this earth. There is noting wrong with making money by selling things he may or may not believe in, at the end of the day Jones built the current day infowars from the ground up. Now given a lot of his fewers/guests can be rather wacky, yet are they more wacky then the clowns who spend over $300 to attend an NFL game and watch a bunch of over paid athletes to toss around a ball? – To every man their own.

    1. Hi John – thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Regarding the Tangy Tangerine product, what I did was use his Infowars store’s own search bar ( and came up empty. I was assuming that’s where I would find it, but clearly I was wrong. Using Google, I see he’s still selling it on one of his burgeoning list of websites

      My mistake, though I’m I don’t think I was too out of line when assuming all of his “healthcare” product lines would be accessible from his main store. I will update my post.

      Either way, it’s clear that he has moved on from “Beyond Tangy Tangerine.” I’m a fairly frequent listener to his radio show when I’m in the car, and I haven’t heard him talking about it for weeks, at least. It’s all about Ed Group’s stuff these days.

      Again, from a business point of view, I fully understand why he would do that. He only has a finite number of customers and once it’s clear that one product doesn’t have the astounding properties Jones claims it has, then it’s time to find a new miracle cure to sell them. (Sorry for the cynicism, but the claims made for all these products are at best, untested, and at worst, totally bogus.)

      As for fluoride, yes, the dangers of fluoride are well known. It can be harmful to the body when taken in excessive quantities. However, there is plenty of good scientific evidence (over decades) that low levels of fluoride in water is not harmful, and neither is the use of fluoride in toothpaste.

      The Harvard Study they mention in the video is a perfect example of how Alex Jones casually twists the truth into an outrageous fear-mongering lie. Even ignoring the nonsense about the “elite” wanting to poison our kids, he claims that the study proves that fluoridated water is destroying the brains of our kids. It doesn’t. Not even close.

      First, the researchers themselves say more studies are needed (and will no doubt be carried out):

      In conclusion, our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment. Future research should formally evaluate dose–response relations based on individual-level measures of exposure over time…

      Secondly all of the data they studied was from China, where the fluoride levels are up to three times higher than the legal limit in the US, and are far higher than the recommended concentration:

      The exposed groups had access to drinking water with fluoride concentrations up to 11.5 mg/L; thus, in many cases concentrations were above the levels recommended (0.7–1.2 mg/L; DHHS) or allowed in public drinking water (4.0 mg/L; U.S. EPA) in the United States (U.S. EPA 2011).

      There is cause for some concern, yes, and that’s why more studies will be done. It may well turn out that even at lower levels, there could be some small detrimental effect on IQ levels, but even if that’s the case, it still does not come close to justifying Alex Jones’s ridiculous claims, not one of them.

      Finally, it’s not Jones’s guests that are the issue. Almost none of them are as deluded or mendacious as Jones himself. For example, he claims on a regular basis that cancer rates in women and children are up 3,000% and 10,000% respectively over the last few decades. If that was actually true, we would have an epidemic on our hands. In reality, the rates are up very slightly overall (less than 5%), but actual deaths are down by more than that, so fewer kids and women are dying from cancer than ever before. (I’ll probably write a post on this at some point, because I tracked down where I suspect he got the 3,000% figure from, and it’s nothing like what he claims it is.)

      Anyway, thanks for replying. It’s always nice to know that someone’s reading your stuff!

      1. You are the archetype of an idiot in denial. One person on three is officially expected to be diagnosed with some type of cancer in their lifetime. If that is not an increase of 3000% – 10 000% maybe you are awaiting your own diagnostic to open your eyes.
        As for the studies issued around the dangers of fluoride …. I rest my case.
        If Alex Jones’s claims are displeasing you that much, why is it that you seem to follow him for so many years? What is your issue?
        When I don’t like what I hear I tune on to something else. But you go around writing blogs and try to make a petty lil’ name for yourself by attacking a guy that provides important information. You are pathetic! You should be ashamed!!!

        1. I agree with this comment, although it seems a bit harsh.

          There is not too many reasons for anybody to attack the infowars store and its message; that message being: in America we ingest poisons daily and our system doesn’t teach us about health.

          The statement “*This is not evaluated by the FDA” means nothing

          People have had to resort to old wives tail methods, alternative media and research, and smarter shopping choices to better themselves with often positive results. I’m a personal example.

          I have never bought anything from infowars store but I am considering it. Alex Jones’ presentation on food and the food industry really helped me to make better choices.

          Alex Jones is known to be a fear monger, talk over guests, and do other detrimental things to the movement. However I’m pretty sure that the infowars store products are tested as evidenced by this article

          If you don’t like Alex Jones, that is fine. However we should all be questioning everything and pursuing and promoting knowledge and truth. We should not be discouraging the truth or advocation of pure health research, medicine, and products.

      2. You are obviously jealous of his grass roots success. In regards to the “miracle” properties of these products, I take all 3 of the Dr Group produced supplements as well as Beyond Tangy Tangerine and I can assure you that they each indeed have their own miraculous qualities. For you to attempt to demonize or discredit the quality of these products is completely and utterly absurd for the simple fact that your speculating. I challenge you to try any of the products and use them as recommended until you have completely finished the product. And if then you want to come on and claim them as a joke, although I would disagree, I would at least respect your opinion. Your an establishment puppet and agenda pusher. So go make out with your “Yes We Can” Obama poster and crawl around in your socialist comforts. Meanwhile I will continue to enlighten and empower myself with truth and knowledge so that when the day finally comes and occupied America collapses at least I will be prepared to defend and protect my family. Peace be to you and may God have mercy!!!

        1. The trouble with these close-minded skeptics ( I call them “septics!) is that they live their entire LIVES with their eyes wide SHUT! They see, but they don’t percieve. They hear, but they won’t listen. They think ( oh BOY do they ever think! ), but they refuse to understand. And most “septics” are too intelligent and quick tempered to be “argued” with. When Jesus walked the earth, he called such skeptics “white-washed tombs!” And, often, he would do miraculous healings, only to end up “marveling” at people’s unbelief! Many folks chalked all those miracles up to “trickery.” They had seen so many charlatans that they “knew better.” But sadly, they were gravely mistaken. No different than today.

      1. But there are, indeed, a LOT of charlatans and tricksters out there who DO make money off those who are gullible. The trouble is that once people see enough “hocus-bogus”, they reach a point where they don’t believe ANYTHING ( or believe IN anything ) anymore! They’ve been “had” too many times. So with some close-minded skeptics, it really isn’t altogether their fault. hey hey hey.

        1. Now, when somebody’s out there selling snake-oil that has dangerous ingredients, that person is guilty of selling a harmful substance! If it can be shown that he knew damn well that his concoction was dangerous, he or she can end up facing SERIOUS criminal charges!! And you can take that one to the BANK, jack!

    2. Good point….this gentleman/woman fails to provide any evidence to the contrary of any claim made by Alex or My fifth grade students have better reasoning/research skills than the author of this post. Ignorant or purposefully deceptive?

    3. Right on! Jones is a self made man and some of the products he endorses I have bought and Tangy Tangerine has changed my life as well as a few others I’ve turned on to this product. Keep putting negativity out there, you’ll get it back…..and I bet he spends more than $300 on a ticket and thousands for a seat to hear Obombya speak his usual rubbish.

    4. This is a government developed and government monitored website that suppresses Alex Jones and denies the obvious side effects of flouride poisoned water, genetically modified organism (gmo food) and poisoness toxic vaccine shots. This is a message to the free masons, illuminati and my brothers in the vatican, be scared. Destiny awaits. Global awakening is taking CHARGE.

      1. Websites like this are designed, monitored and manipulated by the government to monitor our opinons and to possibly track the “enlightened” ones or the “aware” ones. Please, my friends, begin to think outside the box. We have already acknowledged our surroundings, let us now begin to act. They are every move ahead of us, but we can begin to generate an energetic momentum just with our thoughts (quatum physics.)

        I urge anyone who is interested in the Global Awakening movement to research people like Michael Tellinger who is a white man raised in south Africa and is very “enlightened” and is currently leading the first movement against the world governments in an organization called UBUNTU and he also running for president in southern Africa. He is very knowledgable on human origins, anicent civilisations, ancient technology, free energy and more. He is going to court with alot of world banks and winning.

        Jordan Maxwell is another great person with an abundance of knowledge and he can really explain that, “nothing works the way you think is does.”

        Zacharia Sitichin is another wonderful person to research. He is the author of many famous books that translate ancient Sumerian Clay tablets which is the oldest writing form to date. They describe extra – terrestrial beings called the, “anunnaki” who came to Earth 443,000 years ago to mine gold and eventually they created the human race about 225,000 years ago which is ironically the same time scientists and archeologists and other researchers date the age og the homo sapein species to have “popped up” Then the aliens, called the anunnaki, stayed here and maniplated mankind and are still controlling mankind through world religions. There foot soldiers are the guys in the vatican and probably top members of the illuminati. They have an agenda and they know exactly what is going to hapen and when its going to happen.

        But the biggest thing to remember if your into quantum physics, sacred geometry, meditation, flouride poison and how it de-activates your pineal gland or your “thirdeye” and world governments, fraudulant religions, and last but not least GLOBAL AWAKENING AND THE TRUTH ON HUMAN ORIGINS AND THE TRUTH ON ALIENS AND UFOS AND THE TRUTH ON YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL (YES YOU) AND WHAT HUMAN BEINGS ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF…then u can research it! lol or email me

        Think Positive Gods and Goddesses!

      2. I’m with you, brother. This man, and others like him, are the enemy and need to be dealt with. Their time will come.

    5. Alex Jones is quite…Nuts. But I agree. What auto mechanic runs his own shop for free? What doctor opens up a practice and charges nothing. What plumber installs water heaters at cost for a living? He is making money doing what he wants. And remember last year…he turned 100% of his earnings back into his operation, living off his savings. A real snake would horde the profits and rip off the people at every angle to get ahead. Btw…Alex Jones is nuts.

    6. Im glad you mentioned this, although I do watch alex jones consistently, I find it funny the amount of people that don’t believe it at all… I don’t believe all that much without proof or substantial evidence, In fact I believe strictly in evolution and astro-physics.

      Like you said… A quick independent search will show all the independent studies saying the same thing. GMOS are bad. Water Fluoridation (luckily here in Scotland was completely abolished and the idea thrown out with the Politian’s for once even referencing toxic waste and “what next? Prozac and contraceptives in the water – Unconsented drugging” — Smart meters are radiating, ALL BACKED WITH STUDIES.

      — To Clarify — Theres a lot of theory’s without proof or evidence – these are conspiritual … If theres proof or undoubtable evidence, I think its called Truth?

      As with almost all articles against Alex Jones or 9/11 or anything, they target the individual and never have counter facts to back up their disbelief. P.S — If you believe a fire can melt through solid steel on 9/11 only but never before or after, or that a gigantic building can fall at free fall speed without demolition then perhaps someone should be writing the article about you.

    7. Not to mention the idiots running our country and the dumbasses in congress that don’t do a thing but take bribes.

  2. Yeah I suppose you have done more than Jones for waking up the people on planet Earth to the real levers of power in existence huh? Oh but no you probably think the government loves you. Nobody is perfect but I applaud his efforts for exposing what you only claim to be “conspiracy theories.” The data is there. You may not choose to agree with his analysis but you sir are an idiot if you think this guy is no more than a fear monger. I have met him in person, and been a long-time listener–far longer than you think you have–and no I don’t drink anyone’s kool aid. I can just tell you that the man has a good heart, the best of intentions, and is far more of a patriot that you could ever hope to be. Quit spewing your garbage and do something more productive with your writing efforts. Jones propogates fear?!? How about you look at the mainstream media for God’s sake. You sound like every other naysayer…jealous of Jones’ success…oh and you should probably try all these products(for more than a few weeks) and then tell us its baloney. Maybe you should address the unverified claims of the supplement industry in general rather than showing all of us your personal vendetta against Infowars’ products. You should try his “Wake Up America” coffee too; you could certainly use a few cups to go along with your “safe” amounts of flouride.

    1. Yeah I suppose you have done more than Jones for waking up the people on planet Earth to the real levers of power in existence

      Well, given that Jones has gotten more things wrong than right, then by simply doing nothing, you can do more than Jones when it comes to speaking truth to power. He fights fantasies, not realities.

      Oh but no you probably think the government loves you

      Heh, I’m sure the government barely even knows I exist beyond what I submit to them in my tax returns. There is no doubt the US government has done terrible things to many people over the years, but that still doesn’t make Alex Jones right.

      been a long-time listener–far longer than you think you have

      I doubt it. How about 17 years, or thereabouts? I came to Austin in 1996, and I watched him on cable access television long before he was on syndicated radio. I even did what he suggested a couple of times — i.e. “read it for yourself” — and discovered early on that he’s full of it. He still is.

      jealous of Jones’ success

      Mystified? Maybe. Jealous? Nope. I have no talent for public speaking, and I have no doubt he’s worked hard while growing fat on his success. It’s just a shame he doesn’t put his talents to work fighting the real injustices in this nation, like the systemic abuses in the criminal justice system that have led the United States to become the incarceration capital of the free world, making a mockery of the words of the National Anthem.

      Maybe you should address the unverified claims of the supplement industry

      What’s the difference? None of the claims made about “Fluoride Shield” are verified in any way. Oh, and criticizing someone for making unfounded claims about a product is not the same as a personal vendetta. Alex Jones is a public figure who has put his name behind a whole range of dubious “health” products.

      You should try his “Wake Up America” coffee too; you could certainly use a few cups to go along with your “safe” amounts of flouride.

      I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, I would buy “Fair Trade” coffee, which ensures that the farmers who grow the beans get a fairer price for their product. A worthy cause that I am sure Jones would support.

      Thanks for stopping by, though you might want to put a little more thought into your user name…

      1. “I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, I would buy “Fair Trade” coffee, which ensures that the farmers who grow the beans get a fairer price for their product. A worthy cause that I am sure Jones would support”.

        Maybe if you actually listened to Alex you would know it is “Fair Trade” coffee. So it is a worthy cause that Jones supports. Please do the research before making ignorant comments.

        1. I’ve heard him hawking his coffee on his show on multiple occasions (at least four times) and not once did he mention that it was Fair Trade certified, and I didn’t see it Fair Trade logo/mark on the packaging in the photos either, and the blurb on the sales page is unclear. It says it goes “beyond fair trade”, implying that their product is not certified by the Fair Trade organization (or any third party), so who knows what it means in Alex-speak?

          It’s not as though he’s against third-party certification, since the package clearly states that the coffee is certified “USDA Organic” (which is rather amusing considering his frequent diatribes against anything to do with the federal government).

          If he really is giving the Mexican farmers a fair deal, then more power to him, but frankly, given his history of distorting the truth and making outlandish claims (at a rate of about 100 times an hour) please forgive me if I’m a little skeptical in the absence of third party certification.

      2. Your a brainwashed idiot. First off. You say the NWO does not exist yet 1. It SAYS IT in Latin on the back of the 1 dollar bill. 2. Every president since Nixon as well as heads of state, rothschilds, rockefellers and UN heads have referenced it. That’s a lot of mention for something that does not exist. Liberalism is obviously a mental disorder. You people are incapable of critical thinking based on fact and logic. You are also incapable of seeing things through to their eventual conclusion. As are all libtards. As for fluoride it’s a poisonous halogen. Hitler gave it to the Jews in ww2. Think he was concerned about their teeth? Your a f’in idiot. Fluoride shield and survival shield have nascent iodine in them. Nascent iodine has been proven to strip harmful metals and halogens from your body. I take survival shield. I lost 30 lbs. I sleep way better now. Think much clearer. My skin is clearer. I have normal bowel movements now. Among other VERY noticeable differences. I also take super male vitality. My energy level since starting it is tht

        1. (Continued from above ^^)Through the roof. My stamina and sex drive is up too. Do u have any idea how much money it costs to run his operation? Do u even know how much an FCC liscense is? Not to mention paying all his employees? How do u think he pays for that numb nuts? Just cause your a lefty you have to obviously think what he sells is snake oil? You knows who’s selling the snake oil? Your dear lord and savior Oscummo. Keep sucking up that fluoride and loving your dear socialist leader libtard. You gonna be looking to people like us to save u when u are running for your life.

        2. FCC license? Why would he need one of those? You only need an FCC license if you own a radio station — i.e. you are the one broadcasting the radio signal into the airwaves. Alex Jones is a syndicated talk show host, and he doesn’t need a license for that.

          Funny thing is, here in Austin, the radio station that does broadcast his show is a pirate radio station — i.e. they are broadcasting without an FCC license.

    2. Nail on the head.. youspew, the man has a good heart and good intentions. That goes a long way. Always gonna be the jealous ones out there right bro?

  3. Ha ha thanks for the poor read and the good laugh! Took a look around your site and now I can really feel good about the name I chose. You should’ve put more effort into your own name since mine took two seconds to come up with and better summarizes your blog(albeit from the reader’s standpoint). “Mostly Garbage” by Mostly Garbage Mike would’ve been more appropriate than the one you clearly sat for hours dreaming up, probably during those car rides when you were tuning into the “profiteering prophet of doom.”

    Which brings me to my next point. I gotta give it to you; you have actually been ‘listening’ to Jones longer than I have but its sad because all those years spent tuning in really shows how little you’ve ‘heard’ if you seriously think he never addresses the criminal (in)justice system. That statement of yours says volumes. You can’t sit through the show WITHOUT hearing him address it EASILY every other day. But you probably think exposing it isn’t taking action. Further, if that is THE topic that someone with talents should be spending them on, why aren’t you?? Oh that’s right, your words were “I have no talent for public speaking.” Or at writing it seems. I’m wagering–because you are too busy thinking how sooo right Mike is, and how sooo wrong Alex is, and how there’s nooo God, and [insert garbage here]– that you don’t hear half of what is talked about. That is what I’m “almost certain” about. So much so that “I would stake all of my life savings that I was correct” ha ha…isn’t quoting fun? Oh but you fact-checked him “a couple of times” so I guess you can’t be wrong! LOL “I could be wrong, sure, but it would come as a very big surprise.” Only to you buddy…only to you.

    There’s so much garbage in this blog I could barely wade through it and I would need my own blog to really cover it all. No need for that since anyone with the misfortune of stopping by here, even briefly, doesn’t need my words to see it, and see it quickly. Btw, I don’t drink coffee either(don’t need it to be “awake”) but you sir could definitely use something. Good GOD man, wake up!!

    P.S. I urge you to make yourself sound more ridiculous to your accidental readers and reply to me. “After all, who doesn’t think and behave irrationally at times? I know I do, and more often than I would like.”
    –Mostly (Garbage) Mike

    P.S.S. You should make your next poll about whether you should change the name to that. I’ll be your first YES vote but certainly not your last.

    youspew garbage

    1. Guilty…I’m an accidental reader. Mike seems like he might be sitting at home on the government payroll absorbing all of the taxes taken out of my paycheck every week. Thanks Mike for ruining my night. I’m embarrassed that I’m still writing this message to you. Have a nice night buddy. I don’t know any ‘Mikes’ but you surely have spoiled the name for every Mike in the world.

  4. @Mostly Rational

    Let me start off by saying that I do listen to Alex Jones/Info Wars. I also agree that Alex Jones is bad about embellishing something. You may not have said he embellishes but I will and as a long time listener (5 years) I believe I’ve earned the right o be critical of him. That said , Alex’s issues with embellishing are not proof that he’s lying or even that he’s wrong. There have been numerous recent revelations that have previously been labeled as ‘Conspiracy Theories’ which Alex Jones has been warning the public about for as short as a few months or as long as a decade. The most glaring of these deal with government and the world elite, those in power who manipulate things behind the scenes, the way you would expect a globalist to work. Here are a few tings Alex predicted that have come to pass:

    1) Police State: we live in a virtual police state when the cops can legally lie to citizens, lie to the courts and not get in trouble after being caught lying thanks to videotape or being caught on audio. The cops have gone from blue uniforms that peace officers were to black SWAT style combat gear that’s more reminiscent of military then police.

    2) Spying: The Snowden leaks have shown just how much the Federal government is spying and how much lying the Feds have been doing for years now when accuse of domestic spying.

    3) Executive Power Abuse: While the last 5 presidents have abused the Executive Order Obama has set the abuse pole higher than ever when he claimed the authority to indefinitely detain US citizens without representation. Let’s not forget that he claimed he was not going to sign the bill that contained this indefinite detention act and then signed it anyway and did it over the holiday when it was unlikely to get much attention from the media. It was also revealed later on that when a fight in the courts over this indefinite detention came up, Obamas lawyers fought to ensure that the detention but remained.

    In the last 24 hours Obama has threatened on TV to use his power of the pen (Executive Order) to make happen what Congress does not do on its own. This alone is unprecedented major abuse. Compare that to Nixon who was impeached for what he did. What’s the difference? We’ve been conditioned the last 2 decades to accept this kind of presidential action.

    4) The Bilderberg Group: This is an annual meeting of industry leaders, business tycoons, scientists, the world’s royalty and international bankers along with both active and former government employees and politicians from numerous countries and for which the media is expressly forbidden to attend save for a select few who are allowed to attend only by agreeing to never discuss what goes on at the conference. The logistics and the costs to bring together just a few of these people is nothing to laugh at yet this annual meeting has continued for several decades and yet it never receives coverage in the news media save for the occasional mention in a local newspaper or local news broadcast located in whatever town plays host to the meeting. Name another ongoing annual gathering of the world’s rich & powerful in private and public sectors along with the worlds royalty that not only receives little to no coverage in the news media in any format but which is actively denied to exist by those in the pop culture? Up until the last 2-3 years any mention of this group or its meeting was routinely labeled as wild conspiracy theory.

    5) Global Governance: A mainstay in Alex’s crusade is to make the public aware of an ongoing effort to enact a one world government. For as long as I can remember this was always ridiculed and labeled as a wild eye conspiracy theory. Now that we are in 2014 the thought of global governance is not only mentioned routinely but many demand that a unified global government come to pass by way of the United Nations.

    6) Financial Destruction: For years Alex has been warning about the Banksters who are the elites money men. Despite record US deficits/debt and despite knowledge that the public for the most part now knows who the Federal reserve is and what it really does our representative conitue
    to spend, spend and spend us into more and more debt that our children will be tied to. That is if the US Dollar does not crash before then.

    When you step back and look at the big picture and admit that the private sector corporations now own the public sector politicians and agencies and that the Climate Fear Campaign is being used to bring about that Global Government you can then see how it’s all exactly what Alex Jones has been warning about for years. You can deny its happening but that won’t stop it.

    1. I couldn’t of put it any better. All of the posts just bashing Alex are very uninformed of what’s actually going on in the world.

    2. I’ve listened and watched as a prisonplanet tv subscriber for 4+ years and you’ve spoke the same things I was thinking.
      David Icke rocks too! (Reptilians aside…..until we’re proven wrong!)
      Coast to Coast rocks too!!!
      And you too Blue Collar Critic!;》

  5. Your article and website both suck. Do something constructive with your time rather than spamming search engines with disinformation.

    1. Spamming search engines? What makes you think I was doing that? I wrote the article and posted it on my blog, that’s it. I have zero control over where Google chooses to put my stuff in the search results you see. (And the title of this article as quoted the results should probably have given you a clue that you would not like it, but hey, thanks for stopping by!)

  6. I have been quoted saying that Alex Jones is 30% ignoramus. He is the imperfect Libertarian.

    I stand with him on the 1st, 2nd, and 5th amendments. He is right about Obama, Globalism, Crony Capitalism, Police State, Climate Change and the fake 2-party system.

    He is partially right on GMO’s, pesticieds and Big Pharma- vaccinations.

    He is right on Fluoride, it is poison, reduces IQ’s and has not been shown to have any benefits.

    However, the snake oil products: “Fluoride Shield” and “Nascent iodine” have not had long term testing, nor has an effective or correct dose been established.

    I do not believe for a second that fluoride shield removes fluoride from your system. Poppycock! Prove it.

    Iodine is suppose to protect you (somewhat) from damages caused by radiation exposure. You do not need much and can get it from salt. Questions: Are we being “bathed” by Fukishima radiation? How much? Should we be taking extra iodine? How much? Is Nascent iodine the preferred source? Why? How much is considered excessive? I believe that the jury is still out on this.

    1. All very good questions, but don’t expect answers from anyone peddling the stuff. It’s quite clear from the advertising that they believe (or they want people to believe) that the evidence is already in and the stuff they’re selling is “potent” and “powerful.”

        1. Why can’t I just be someone who thinks Jones is a conspiracy theorist who has found a way to make a very good living from his chosen trade? Not everyone who disagrees with Alex Jones is part of the New World Order conspiracy, you know. But if you know where I can go to get paid for writing one blog post every three months about Alex Jones, then by all means tell me!

        2. Going by the gullibility of his fans here, Jones has a very good business model indeed!

    2. You need to be educated on natural medicine. Where do you think the term Alternative Medicine came from??? Having worked at a Integrated Medicine clinic for the chronically ill which uses natural therapies like herbs, acupuncture, yoga, meditation ,diet and nutritional supplements, i can attest to there healing powers. It took me some time to learn what a professional supplement was {{ a natural formula consisting of herbs or nutricutecals made specifically for a particular disorder }} You can’t buy them at GNC. The products that Alex Jones sells are all Pharmeceutical Grade Quality. . As far as clinical trials, you can go to N.I.H. or Memorial Sloan Kettering,all about Herbs from a-z …Or you can look up the \German text that is considered the gold standard for herbs and nutritional supplemenrts.

  7. I’d rather allow the alternative to narrate information withheld by established corporate-owned government, whose only purpose, it apparently seems, is to subjugate the growing populace that ironically validates them! Give me Alex Jones or anyone else with courage to scream out truths so as to compare them to the propaganda we receive unrelentingly daily. It appears some people rather shoot Paul Revere for the noise he is making galloping through town. Give me the noise if its purpose is to awaken one from a toxic slumber.

  8. Alex Jones does peddle products on his website… but so what? As the author of the article sarcastically writes: “Protecting your health from the evils of the New World Order doesn’t come cheap.”

    And that’s just the thing. No matter how you try and twist it; things don’t come for free in life. Alex Jones is a self made man and a free entrepreneur. He makes no qualms about this nor tried to hide it. You need money in order to run a broadcasting site like his, you need money for all the expenses in the job and to pay his staff. Look at it this way; would you find a better alternative if his listeners had just donated the money needed to him? At least this way they are able to support his show while getting some extra in return.

  9. What if he was asking for pure donations to keep the broadcast going without a product?

    Would you feel better then?

    Yes, the products seem expensive but he clearly reminds listeners all the time that it is to help pay for production costs , including his time. It’s not free.

    I have been a listener of Alex for many years. I sometimes bypass his commercials because I get annoyed by them.

    HOWEVER, I have bought Tangy Tangerine and other products just to support the broadcast. I know other who have also.
    And without expecting it , I have noticed benefits from some products.

    Either way, I believe he does at least 80% good compared to any crap on TV that people pay T.W for (with 80% commercials).

    So why not let people support him if they want.

    1. I have no problem with people deciding they want to support him. I wouldn’t be unhappy if he goes out of business (not that it’s likely), but that’s not the same thing.

      It’s a free country (which will come as a surprise to many of those listening to Alex on a regular basis), and people can support whomever they want. Of course, that same freedom allows me to inform people that they’re buying a load of junk.

      If I were you, I would just send a smaller check directly to Alex. He’ll probably end up getting more money from it to support the broadcast, and you’ll save some money into the bargain. Everyone wins!

  10. The sad part of this article for comments is they list everything bad for you like it’s not going on. We’re number one in cancer here in the US. I’m supposed to think calling it a conspiracy makes all the facts go away. My answer is don’t buy anything from Alex Jones. Take your business to Wal-Mart. Eat the stuff that’s banned in more intelligent countries. It’s going to help you stay stupid, sick and a government loving weakling. I’m going to focus on the things that made this country great. Please tell all your rainbow shirt wearing Starbucks drinking friend to do the same.

    1. Actually, we’re number six in the world, not number one, not that it makes much difference. Of course, much of the reason we’re near the top is the fact that we’re near the top in life expectancy too. The less we die of more curable diseases, the more we will die of cancer.

      Yes, bad diet is a major contributor, but the stuff you can buy from Alex Jones is useless, so why would I want to buy any of it?

  11. fluoride rinses can be easily purchased and used. Yep the directions say spit don’t swallow. Fluoride added to drinking water supplies is industrial waste. You want to drink industrial waste and endorse it? The supplements. What the heck there are many more of similar ingredients on the market. Take your pick. Fluoride added to municipal drinking water is industrial waste don’t forget that.

  12. Seriously fluoride was used during the holocaust to make the jews submissive and easy to deceive in the concentration camps. So the reason its banned in other countries and accepted her is because this is the base country for the NWO and when they can make people like you my fine sir talk like its not happening then its obviously working. Fluoride is not only a poison but a psychoactive drug that is actively reducing your will to resist the NWO. Belive it or not.

  13. One; if the guy is using doomsday prophecy to sell merchandise, who gives a shit? people can spend there money how they want, no on putting a gun to their heads. plus every product on the market uses advertising gimmicks to sell it.

    hey jack-irrational, some brilliant logic, its only cause china uses more fluoride that it has negative affects.

    since your so up on fluoride levels go and research the levels of fluoride that hitler used on his victims

  14. Alex jones=obsessive compulsive disorder. These people by definition are born sociopathic. Just exactly how much of it did he grow out of?

    1. None of it. If his believers would just bother to do a little research, they can read or hear all kinds of testimonials from those who had the displeasure of working for him, and/or with him.

      He’s an awful person…but…a good entertainer…

      Bill H. – an American in Taiwan

  15. I love it when anyone rubbishes Jones. So thanks for this post , you have my respect.

    Alex Jones is The Angry Prophet/Howard Beale type character from the film 70’s movie Network.

    He’s there to make you angry and then lead you astray.

    He mixes truth with lies to divert you from the real truth. Just like L’Ron did.

    He has a fortune of over $8 million dollars according to some web sites.

    He has been proved wrong on many occasions:

    He’s got a nickname and it’s Di$info Jones :

    He turned his ‘raidio show’ into one massive infomercial:

    If you follow and believe Jones you’re admitting that you are no longer capable of rational thought and have no concept of critical thinking.
    Use your brain and learn how to find out the facts and throw out the contradictions:

    If you purchase his products you’re a fool… Sure Tangy Tangerine will make you feel better because it contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals that you’re probably not getting on your standard American diet but if you were to look at the ingredients list and obtain the vitamins elsewhere you’d be paying about a quarter of the price.

    Thanks again for this great post.

    1. You’ve about said it all.
      But the believes of his bullcrap cannot be convinced by you, or me, or any post/article, etc. They must come to the realization on their own.

      Eventually…they will hear the lies all by themselves.

      Bill H. an American in Taiwan

    2. I guess you also believe that a plane took down the Twin Tower’s. It seems you spent alot of time knocking Alex. I have to admit that his style can get to you and sometimes you need a break from him, but what he prints is backed up by documents, news articles and just basic common sense. I don’t agree with everything he says. That.s why i never limit my research to one source. With that said. We need a Alex Jones to wake up the millions of people who are sleeping. He does a good job at that with the in your face journalism.. I remember Geraldo Rivera was the same . does that mean his story about Willowbrook was fake.???? Take what is useful and look for other sources instead of wasting your time bashing other people..,.

  16. Why cant people just believe that that evil comes from money and power…..the indispensable resources of these two are the root. The elite. The governments.
    The wealth soaked egomaniacs of sports and show biz. These people are drunk with self centered evil and will only stop when the less fortunate cease to continually increase their wages. Wake Up America!!!!

  17. Alex Jones’ super awesome Male Vitality uses the same ingredients as the majority of alternative testosterone support supplements. Nothing really new there. I have been listening to Jones for 6 years now. What surprises me is all his followers that talk about other people not being awake and being sheep. Yet, they blindly follow Jones and absorb all he says as truth. Every time he says he is not name dropping, not arrogant, or not bragging- he is lying! Sometimes there is unbiased news that you won’t find on other resources. That’s good. Jones’ fake crying, over acting rants, and preachy Jesus sermons make it kind of hard to lend him credibility. About those sermons- how does a man who is so awake that he sees conspiracies in everything(which there probably is), believe in a book written by the originators of the modern day New World Order? Talking bout the bible if you don’t know. Whatever. I will keep building up my armory, not believing anything anybody says who stands to make money off me following them, and questioning everything with the knowledge that the only person I will follow is myself.

    1. Bravo…

      Eventually…they will come to their senses. Many of Jones’ listeners are dis-satisfied former mainstream radio listeners…from such programs as LimBowel and Glenda Beck. So at the onset…he sounds like he’s for real.

      It’s incredible how much this guy lies…to the point I think he now fully believes his own bull.

      I will give him this though…HE’S VERY ENTERTAINING

      Bill H. – an American in Taiwan

  18. Are you serious? Pathetic article. Just because someone is willing to talk about GMO and promote what they believe are good products doesn’t make them a fear mongering profiteer. The words “conspiracy theorist” are merely words used by critics to discredit someone for not believing the state sponsored news. In your world government is God and you must bend over to their moral authority.

    It appears you haven’t read the Harvard studies on fluoride or done research on Monsanto’s round up ready corn. Call Alex Jones a nut but you would have to an IQ under 70 to get your information from state sponsored news like CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.

  19. Just a few short years ago, I was a kool-aid drinking Republican. I won’t novelize the “awakening” story, but as an intelligent being, I know I will hear some outrageous stuff from time to time in my life, and I trust myself to weigh it accordingly. I also realize there is probably even more, and still outrageous, Truth, that I will NOT hear on a suspiciously consolidated, and even coordinated at times, “mainstream news”, and thus have no opportunity to weigh it to begin with. It is for this reason, I applaud and support Alex Jones, and he breaks some important stuff. Sure, he can get on some pretty crazy-sounding rants at times, but I suppose my own Grandfather could do that too on occasion, and still had some amazing wisdom, and profound truth to share. We live in a time where we need now more than ever, to support smaller, third party news sources, and no one says you have to be a mindless follower and believe everything, but give yourself the gift of the opportunity to hear about the outrageous, and the mundane, that you might not otherwise hear, and research it to confirm for yourself one way or the other. This is what intelligent people do. They do not ostracize or shut-down dissenting voices, and those dissenting voices usually have some things to offer that you actually agree with or will otherwise be enlightened by. Remember, Socrates was put to death for ‘poisoning the minds of the young men of Athens’, and yet most Law Schools in America today use the Socratic method to teach students how to intelligently flesh out every angle of an argument.

  20. FYI:
    Did any of you supporters of Alex Jones know that the “Dr” who came up with the product or the one who pushes it is actually a business partner with Raymond Kurzweil, the evil transhumanist who Alex always says he thinks we will be merging with the machines and how he says he says I dont believe in God yet, meaning he will become god or godlike with his inventions. Wallach and Kurzweil business partners huh? Interesting if you think about the fact that one teaches and believes humanity is meaningless and it would be an upgrade to be part human and part machine.

    1. Ha haa…too rich. You just spoiled their wet dreams.

      And I’ll bet you were the guy in the schoolyard that told the kids there was no Santa Claus :)


      Bill H. – an American in Taiwan

    2. What does his personal beliefs have to do with his product?????? Hitler invented the Volkswagon and built the Ottobaun. . I hate Hitler ,but i love the Volkswagon… Your nit picking without doing any real research. GET A LIFE WILL YOU

  21. Boy am I late to the ‘party’ here, but what the hell…

    Upfront, I am an unabashed ‘fan’ of the Alex Jones show and Infowars dot com in general. Why? He breaks a lot of interesting news – much of which just so happens to be true, or is later verified to be true. A few of his editors/writers/contributors are top-notch, like Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo.

    Is Alex Jones a ‘sensationalist’? You bet. Does he tend to talk over his guest’s because he’s either insecure or just has to show everyone how much he ‘knows’? Of course. Does the ‘Jimmy Swaggart’ routine he plays from time to time (crying on air) really make me want to crawl in a hole? YES!!
    Does Alex Jones shamelessly ‘hawk’ his products and not-so-cleverly try to tie them or make rather ‘loose’ connections to whatever event/s he can? Indeed he does. It’s all about ‘marketing’, right…?

    But I love the guy…

    I know one cannot carry on like Jones has – for as long as he has, if he didn’t truly believe in his ’cause’, which is simply, Liberty. Wanting to do his thing, without hurting others, but free from what is becoming a highly oppressive government. Add the fact that his show indeed does Not receive any grants, subsidies, ‘bail outs’, nor any other form of government assistance, and that he ‘rolls his own’ – the operation in fact funded fully by what he sells.

    So… If for nothing else – in the name of Freedom – yours, mine and the ability to ‘live & let live’, without using a proxy to fight our ideological battles for us, or the court system as a bludgeon to cow people, let Alex Jones do his thing. At some point in time – perhaps sooner than later, we might be thankful that a guy like Jones does what he does.

    1. ^The most prescient and insightful comment on this thread, P. I was getting tired of the Daily Kos readers posting their bitter sputum.

  22. My guess is that the man who wrote this article is a main stream journalist who would like to get attention by attempting to discredit Mr. Jones. Or possible an agent from a think tank hired by our own cia. Just a guess

    1. Bzzzt. Incorrect. Just a fellow Austinite (Jones’s home town) who arrived here around the same time Alex was preaching to about 100 people a night on Austin Cable Access TV. Not a journalist, agent, or anyone else “official” with designs on “taking him down.” Just a guy with a blog and too much time on his hands… :)

      1. No blogger or anyone else could take Jones down. He’ll do that himself.

        Every time he gets a big surge in audience…he eventually screws it up.

        Look at the big surge he got when Obummer first got elected. After a while people started turning away. Until the second election. And then…uh oh, bad timing…there goes the neighborhood (when Glenda Beck moved into his territory).

        Now he’s gotten another huge surge, and the elections were a day old, and he telling you that it wasn’t a victory…but the previous day he was saying the republicans had to win or it was all over.

        He will and/or do anything. And as he does that…people start to slowly pick up on his constant lying. It’s hard to do because he does spew forth some truth.

        Does anyone really think that some schlub with a microphone is going to have all the answers for them?

        Make no mistake about it…and you can also make book on it…that if the shit really did hit the fan…Jones would be first to plane (after he stops at the bank).

  23. I’d followed Jones for many years and was a die-hard fan of his, a true, blue infowarrior. From him I learned how to spot a psyop. By learning that, now I realise that Jones is a psyop. It’s not his “operation” that’s “deep behind enemy lines” (yea, in Austin, Texas, real enemy territory for sure) which is the psyop. It’s Jones himself that is the psyop. Jones is a living, walking, talking incarnation of a psyop. The created hero of the controlled opposition. The STRATFOR model “up one side and down the other.”

    Speaking of opposition, why doesn’t Jones offer useful suggestions to solving the problems which he says plague the country? Why not produce movies and do radio shows that demonstrate to his listeners how easy it is to directly involve themselves in changing things they don’t like? This would include how to start petitions for recall elections of politicians, how to bring issues to a legislative vote by using citizen petitions, and having state specific petition templates available for download, among other useful tools. I guess if the problems were to be solved, there just wouldn’t be much to talk about on his talk radio show. And we all know what they say about talk, don’t we? But there’s more to it than that, ladies and gentlemen.

    Regarding his products, which “you can only get here” (STRATFOR model again), try this. Just for fun, compute what you’d spend for his one-time item purchases such as water filters, plus what you’d spend on his recommended products on a recurring basis each month. Then tell me…can the average person to whom he preaches even come close to affording all that stuff? If you can, then you might just be one of “the elite.”

    Jones has extensively researched and develop all the products he sells. In addition to that monumental task, he still has time to host a talk radio show six days a week, produce movies, disturb the peace with his bullhorn, hurl horrible insults into the faces of women at his protests, and shower with Charlie Sheen. But being the “super male” that he is, and having all that “vitality” surging through his veins, I guess he can do more in a day than other people can do in a lifetime, even if you were to cut out the shower. What’s next? Leaping the Texas state capitol building in a single bound?

    And what about those Mexican farmers providing Jones with coffee beans? You know, the same Mexican farmers that took him years to secure connections with? Years? What, did he walk to Mexico? Hey, whatever happened to his support of American industry? Does he have a problem with the coffee beans grown in Hawaii and in Puerto Rico?

    But I guess you’re gonna be special, though, when your ancestors on both sides of your family came over on the Mayflower, along with all the other thousands of people who crowded into that tiny ship. I just hope it had a shower.

    1. Thanks for that spilled coffee (on my side), due to the “shower” finale !
      And it was true Fair-Trade stuff !

      As to Mr. Jones – the level of noise one makes is NOT linked proportionally to the amount of truth in one’s statements …

      And yes – providing solutions would make the ranting obsolete, so one doesn’t really want that, right?

    2. Right on…

      Yes…AJ involves himself in every incident, and every fragment of history.
      His family were settlers…came on the Mayflower…defeated the British, defeated the French, defeated the British again…fought at the Alamo, and then beat Santa Ana…won the first world war…and both of his grandfathers were crack pilots and defeated both the Germans & the Japs, and by the way…his family were all…and I mean all “Special Forces,” in Nam.

      It’s so incredible that so many believe what this guys says without any question…and worse…that they really think he’e a nice guy, and out there fighting the NWO on their behalf.

      And then most important of all is…just how hard this guy laughs on his way to the bank.

      P.T. Barnum once said… “there’s a sucker born every minute.”


      Bill H. – an American in Taiwan

  24. Is this article supposed to serve some purpose? Seventy dollars for a hard dick is much cheaper than a doctor visit and multiple bills from pharmacy, etc. etc. I use herbs, (not from his site), but the same herbs. I feel much better than people who a staple diet of pharmaceuticals. You’re a fucking retard if you think pharmaceutical companies and doctors don’t make money peddling the real garbage that kills people!

  25. Whether we agree with all his views or not, funding a newscast is expensive. “Donations” are rewarded with products in his case – Alex does not get your tax money funding like CNN, and other MSM’s. Alex prices may be somewhat high, but again his products are “rewards” as it were for donations. What was that last product that CNN or General Motors “gave” you for the billions of dollars of tax money you “donated”?

  26. Hey “Jack” or whatever your name is, maybe you should try the Super Male Vitality before you knock it. How can you speak two words about the products Jones promotes w/out ever having even tried them yourself? You’re the hack, Jack! As for your claims that the number of cancer patients/deaths has DECREASED…it’s easy to see that you too have been sucking on the fluoride for WAY TOO LONG!

  27. Dear Author;

    Thanks for posting the article. I only happened across it today (11/7/14), but it was, and is still right on the money…regarding the charlatan Alex Jones, and his new best buddy (Eddie Poop). I guess Jones’ love affair with Mike Adams (the health ranger) ended due to irreconcilable differences.

    I’ve been saying similar things on the youtube channel, etc., and as you can see…there are droves of fools that all-to-ready to fall on the sword for Jonsie, while he laughs his way to the bank. Jones has been peddling this or that for years. He doesn’t bother with films any more…not for a lack of time. No, no, no…it takes too much time to make one, and too much overhead to produce one, when he can easily peddle these products and make 3 times as much, 3 times as fast.

    I wouldn’t try to convince anyone who’s convinced themselves that a friggin chiropractor with flimsy alternative certificates can create chemical compounds that will heal them of all…for they convince themselves. Shoot…I get that same fuzzy feeling when I suck on a bottle of Jameson’s fine Irish Whiskey.

    I see many posts complaining that you have offered no evidence of the products being worthless, yet…some people are willing to imbibe these over-priced bottles of nothingness into their bodies…when King Jones has offered no evidence of the contents.

    So…how about we look this logically. Let’s take a major manufacturer of health products…anyone will do…but let’s pick on GNC. Does anyone really think that a big gun like that, would sit back and allow a small-time operator like Alex Jones make a better product, and steal their business…without at least trying for a hostile takeover (merger/acquisition)?

    And does anyone really think Alex Jones knows anything at all about chemical compounds and their processes…to the point he would demand the utmost safeguards & quality ingredients, all to make the world better for you (the listeners).

    Some people tend forget..that when they listen to Jones…it is the entertainment business…and it is called “a SHOW,” and he is in this game to make money. He’s allowed to do that. And he does it quite well.

    I will say this about these kinds of healthy healing products. If I’m going to put it in my body…I want some verifiable government oversight. Uh Oh…that makes me an evil new world order believer I guess.

    Alex Jones is a complete psycopath, and a known pathological liar.
    He was born with a silver spoon around his neck, and grew up in a gated-community in Dallas…and was a teenager out of control, whom always had to have daddy fix his problems, and/or run cover. People need to know that this is not a nice person…not at all. Just ask the many whom have had the displeasure of disagreeing with him professionally. Those within his own staff, and those whom have had to have business relationships. I won’t bother to mention those who dared to compete with him in the radio business.

    Anyway…thank you. And know that not everyone is so willing to fall on the sword for the Austin Ass Clown.

    I look forward to more coverage like this (from you).

    Bill H. – an American in Taiwan

    P.S. – I’ve been listening to Jonsie since his infamous Y2K broadcast…when he was peddling the fear that America was being attacked by Russia. His game is always the same…fear mongering, but now…now he has learned the way of the preacher, and his main target in Christians (they have money).
    I’m currently out of country…so yes I do listen to the SHOW, because I otherwise have too few choices away from the mainstream

    Famous Host Bill Cooper had it right regarding that Y2K broadcast…he said…”Alex Jones is Dangerous.”

    I will leave the believes just one thing to consider

    1. Great post and a breath of fresh air in the comments from Bill H.

      I’m fascinated at Jones’ commercials for his neutriceuticals which is a terrific marketing word, if there ever was one. He makes no claims other than maybe saying the product will “increase vitality.” How does one measure vitality? Then, he speaks in a hushed, important sounding voice about how his people have spent years creating the product. It’s “proprietary.” Oh boy!

      The most fascinating part of Jones is his army people in the comment sections of any site daring to question Jones’ honesty. Derail and flood. Derail and flood. Derail and flood and attack.

      He’s destroyed the words research, libertarian & skeptic.

      AJ is fascinating.

      Especially for us Bilderbergers. See you at The Grove!

  28. You are one idiot that I will feel no compassion for, as you are willingly eaten alive by the system and powers that you so easily disregard. “Pearls before swine” is the phrase that comes to mind. So please, go quietly into that dark night, that has been prepared just for you, Mike.

  29. Wow. Alex jones Apologists. Reading these comments reminds me of fake user review comments.

    Everybody uses jones tactics by derailing and overflooding the conversation with ad hom and rant.

    Why the hell should ANYBODY be taking HEALTH advice from alex jones? political nonsense aside, hes a media blob thats been working media for years. Hes most certainly not a man of science or anatomy so what makes him qualified to release and promote such things?

    1. Well, Jones may not exactly be a ‘health expert’ but I think he is gernerally quite knowledgeable in the field. Also, if you look at the products’ ingredients and do some research, they are likely not harmful even if they’re not as miraculous as he claims.

      I have a better question… why the HELL should anybody be listening to the HEALTH advice being given from the FDA???? Which is the polar opposite of Alex’s natural/homeopathic approach. Most FDA dogma will likely be proven wrong a few decades down the road. How can they seem to get It wrong so much and go as far as attack anything not created in a laboratory?

      1. 1970 FDA say: Butter BAD! Margarine GOOOOD!
        1990 FDA say: Margarine BAAAAD! Butter GOOD!
        1970 FDA say: Sugar BAD! Saccarine GOOOOD!
        1980 FDA say: Saccarine BAAAAD! HFCS GOOD!
        1990 FDA say: HFCS BAD! Aspartame GOOOOD!
        2000 FDA say: Aspartame BAAAD! Sugar GOOD!
        2015 Govt. say: Jones BAAAD! Obama GOOD!

  30. Even IF fluoride was good for your teeth, it’s not means to be DRANK. You are not supposed to EAT toothpaste because of the fluoride concentration. Plus when you add something to drinking water, there is no way to control the dose. It’s practically impossible

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